5 Reasons to Have a Delfin High Vacuum Cleaner in Your Industry

August 14, 2021

To Delfin, the term “heavy duty” means much more than “able to handle the heavy stuff.” It means that and then some. Delfin High Vacuum (DHV) systems are high-power, heavy-duty vacuums that are long-lasting, exceptionally durable, and have the capability to take on the cleaning demands of some of the most intense industries.

For decades, we’ve dedicated our brand to the innovation of quality industrial vacuums and dust collectors. Our products and educational resources extend beyond the vacuums themselves and into accessories, compliance, centralized vacuum systems, and much more. In this post, we’ve taken some time to highlight five good reasons why you should have a heavy duty DHV in your industry.

1. Delfin High Vacs Are Built for Intensive, High-Performance Use  

These machines have the capability of intense suction and high performance in continuous use cycles. What does that mean for your industry? When you’re dealing with heavy or dense material, especially in bulk, you don’t have to worry about whether your vacuum can handle the clean-up job. 

The suction power and containment capacity of these setups are more than capable of handling daily, heavy-duty upkeep demands. What’s more, despite their power and capacity, DHVs maintain a relatively low noise level.

DHV cement

2. They Are Easy to Use

You won’t have to worry about being bogged down by a complicated system or the annoyance of a complex disposal. Not only are hoses and operating panels easy to work with, but the container in Delfin High Vacuums may be easily removed and transported using a forklift. And the container includes a safe and quick, complete discharge of materials once it has been transported for dumping or storage.

Additionally, the bottom hatch of the container latches by way of a snap closure that may be easily initiated manually from the forklift (we recommend only experienced forklift and vacuum operators do so).

Did we mention that the filter cleans itself? Well, that leads us to the next great perk of these vacuums.

3. Durability and Longevity

These vacuums are engineered for long lifespans. Their filtering system, for example, consists of polyester felt filter sleeves with internal tensioning springs. They also have a polyester safety cartridge that will provide much needed protection for the pump.

How does the filtering system clean itself? Well, each DHV has time-controlled systems that clean filters by way of chamber backwash valves. This, among many reasons, is how these vacuums are great for continuous and prolonged use.

As if that wasn’t enough, DHVs are built with large inspection doors, which allow for an easy-to-access engine compartment for maintenance and other necessary, upkeep measures.


4. Ready for a Variety of Materials

With the power to remove material at high volume for extended periods of time, heavy-duty vacuum cleaners are fit for a wide range of industries. Some common heavy industries that may benefit from these heavy-duty industrial vacuums include:

  • Construction and concrete industries
  • Commercial floor preparation
  • Coal or iron manufacturers

Unsure if your operation is in the need of a Delfin High Vacuum? There are a lot of factors that go beyond the material type that will help you determine your suction requirements. Learn more by speaking with a professional who can provide custom solutions for your industry.

5. Built for Containment

DHVs aren’t messing around when it comes to material containment. Heavy duty DHV setups have a capacity of 1,000 liters—or about 264 gallons—in the lower hopper and may be emptied at the bottom via a manually controlled butterfly valve.

In other words, you can collect material for long periods of time before you need to empty it. But even if you have a higher-demand operation that requires regular material disposal, the easily transported hopper won’t take too much out of your workers’ day.

HOPPER discharge

Material Collection and Compliance Solutions for Your Operation

From high power vacuums for continuous use to portable, intermittent vacuums, Delfin’s catalog has a wide variety of machines capable of addressing just about any industrial demand. Learn how we can help you find the right vacuum solution for your needs. Give us a call or connect online today.

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