Delfin High Vacuum Systems FAQ

August 06, 2021

Truly the tank of the industrial vacuum world, heavy-duty vacuums are perfect for heavy industry demands. Between their high-volume capabilities and power, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option than Delfin High Vacuums (DHV). We’ve put together this FAQ post to help you better understand the utilization and benefits of DHVs. Stick around to learn more.


What Makes Delfin High Vacuums Heavy Duty?

Our high-performance vacuum cleaners are intended for heavy industries that deal in high volumes of material – hundreds of liters of metals, sand, chips, and others. Heavy-duty vacuums have the voltage necessary to extract high volumes at a high rate, and they also have a high maximum water lift. In other words, what makes them heavy-duty is their capability to extensively extract a wide range of materials (including liquids).

Can I Use a Regular Industrial Vacuum Instead of a Heavy-Duty Vac?

Because these products vary significantly in capability and unique designs, there really is no standard or regular model (technically speaking). But a good alternative to heavy-duty vacuums for anyone seeking a vacuum with serious capabilities while still maintaining portability: a portable industrial vacuum cleaner with three-phase power, significant HP, and medium-to-high volume capacities.

The next question you may want to ask yourself is whether you should use an alternative. DHVs may be worth the investment for anyone in heavy industries with dense material as they can make your operation more efficient and potentially reduce the amount of labor utilized. 

What Is the Capacity for a DHV?

While not every heavy-duty industrial vacuum is built the same, Delfin High Vacuums can contain between 800-1000 liters (or 200-250 gallons) of material. Of course, the weight will vary depending on the material itself, but these vacuums are built with easy disposal and transportation in mind. 

easy disposal

How Do I Know What Industrial Vacuum to Use?

There are several factors that have an influence on which industrial vacuum is right for your operation. First, there are federal and industrial regulations that have their impact. If you’re in the concrete industry, for example, your vacuum should be able to properly collect and contain silica particles that are harmful to worker health. 

There’s also combustible dust, long-term efficiency, and whether you require a vacuum with intermittent capabilities or 24-hour cycle capabilities. Start by taking a look at HEPA filtered vacuums and vacuums certified for operation in combustible dust-laden environments.

When to Use a Delfin High Vacuum

Heavy-duty vacuum cleaners like DHVs are unique in that they can withstand demanding, intense environments while containing high volumes of dense materials like sand, metal chips, and even liquids. They also have a time-controlled system that cleans the filters to ensure peak performance amid continuous use.

What Additional Equipment Do I Need?

As is the case with other industrial vacuum cleaners, you can only benefit from additional equipment. A variety of hoses and attachments are a must; navigating different spaces and materials will be made much more difficult otherwise. Note that your DHV operation will also require a forklift or material disposal. See the following question for more details. 

How Do I Dispose of Collected Material From a DHV? 

These large hopper-mounted vacuum cleaners reside above a giant container – but don’t let that intimidate you. The containers are quite easy to detach and maneuver, you simply need access to a forklift and certified forklift operator. 

The forks slide right into the base of the container, from there you may lift and remove the container from the hopper and transport it to the desired vessel. At this point, the container bottom may be easily unlatched and the material discharged until empty.


What Is the Filtering System Like for a DHV?

Self-cleaning for efficiency and durability, the filtering systems in our heavy-duty DHVs consist of polyester felt filter sleeves with internal tensioning springs and a polyester safety cartridge for the pump’s protection. 

Customized Vacuum Solutions for Heavy Industries 

At Delfin, we supply industrial vacuum systems uniquely catered to a wide range of industry needs. Whether you’re in heavy industry with prolonged upkeep demands or pharmaceutical manufacturing that requires certified vacuums for safety compliance, we have an extensive catalog of dust and material collection solutions. 

Learn more by giving us a call or connecting with us online.

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