Do You Know the 4 Essential Components of an Industrial Vacuum?

January 20, 2021

From the hoses and wands to the motor and filter, the efficiency of your industrial vacuum depends heavily on each essential component. Materials like combustible pharmaceutical dust are nothing to take lightly. Without the right set-up, your collection system is likely to suffer and, consequently, so will your standing with safety compliance. This post will cover the essential components of industrial vacuums, their varying attributes, and how Delfin can help you customize your equipment to meet the needs of your industry and material collection demand.

The Right Filter – Efficiency, Longevity, Safety

The right filter can make or break your hazardous dust collection system. HEPA—or “high-efficiency particulate air”—certified filters are made from plastic or interlaced glass fibers. These filters have the ability to capture very small dust particles. In fact, Delfin supplies HEPA-certified filters that trap with a 99.995% efficiency. In other words, they can trap particles sized at 0.18 microns, which is much smaller than the standard trap at 0.30 microns. Sufficiently trapping particles at such a small scale will reduce the risk of hazardous dust in the air. And, as if that weren’t enough, a good filter will also increase the longevity of your industrial vacuum motor, making for a generally more cost-efficient investment.

Your Motor Makes a World of Difference

The motor types in industrial vacuums can vary significantly. Which motor you go with will depend on the needs of your project or industry. For example: do you need an intermittent-duty vacuum or a continuous-duty vacuum? Some motors are better for one process and some for another. The most common types of vacuum motors include:

  • Carbon Brush Throughflow: This affordable motor type is intended exclusively for intermittent use and is known to be the least effective. They’re also vulnerable to extensive damage, and you may find you’re looking for a replacement motor sooner than you’d like.
  • Carbon Brush Bypass: While these are more expensive than the carbon brush throughflow motor, they’re still among the more affordable motor types available. With a lifespan of 900 hours, these are also intended for intermittent use.  
  • Brushless: This is a power-efficient option that can handle intermittent and continuous use for your dust collection needs. Expect around 10,000 hours of use out of a brushless motor.
  • Regenerative (Side Channel): If you’re looking for a motor with minimal maintenance and a long lifespan, a regenerative system may be your best choice. These are intended for mid-range vacuum applications and can run for about 30,000 hours.
  • Positive Displacement (PD): For intensive applications like high-bulk density products (rocks, steel, cement, etc.), you may want a positive displacement pump system. Though, note that they can be loud and require maintenance.

How Much Do You Need to Hold?

Your container matters. And the type of container you go with will depend on several factors – one of which is your industry and the demand for disposal. For those in an industry with organic material that may rot or cause bacteria issues, a smaller container may be best as you are more likely to empty it on a regular basis and the material will not sit. 

If the material particles, however, are less consequential and may reside in the container for longer, heavy-duty operations may want to invest in a dust collection system with a larger container. Typically, you can find industrial vacuums with a capacity of as low as three gallons and as high as over 50 gallons. 

Try a Pre-Separator

For situations where it is particularly difficult to move large quantities of material, combine your industrial vacuum cleaner with a trolley-separator. Pre-separators are designed to help improve collection efficiency while increasing the autonomy of the vacuum system and preserving a longer filtration life.

Don’t Forget About Industrial Vacuum Accessories

The right hoses, nozzles, and squeegees can make your suction or collection job much easier. Delfin supplies an array of floor cleaning accessories, overhead cleaning tools, and oil proof, heat resistant hoses ready for a wide range of material types. For example, are you in the food industry? We offer a food-grade certified hose with PVC spiral and copper wire for vacuuming conductive materials. Note also that our accessories are certified for use with combustible materials. Whatever your situation, we offer assistance in customizing your industrial vacuum and accessories to meet your production needs.

Get the Right Industrial Vacuum for Your Industry Needs

Thanks to our in-house workshop, Delfin has the necessary resources and machinery to produce components tailor-made for your collection demands. We can even customize the image of your product with an internal epoxy powder coating system, helping you fit the unique color of your business’s brand.

Looking for more information on Delfin industrial vacuums? Need a quote? For over 25 years, we have provided products and solutions to businesses across a wide range of industries. We can help guide you in the right direction. Contact our office today to learn how we can make your vacuum system more efficient and compliant.

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