Industrial Centralized Vacuum System FAQ

July 12, 2021

The right industrial vacuum cleaner can do wonders for a manufacturing facility. Thanks to decades of development, industrial vacuums of all shapes and sizes can be used for housekeeping and compliance solutions in just about any industry. But some productions require a little extra help, especially productions which operate in larger facilities and have extensive demands for cleanliness. Thankfully, there’s a solution for that as well: centralized vacuum systems (CVS).

We’ve put together this list of frequently asked questions to help you better understand why managers and business owners install and integrate a CVS as part of their process.

How does a centralized vacuum system work?

Think of the suction unit of your CVS as the heart of the system. Branching out from the heart are several pipes—or veins—installed throughout the facility which serve as vessels for the material. Suction points are also installed throughout the facility and serve as gateways: material goes in and then flows through the attached pipes.

One pipe may lead to a suction point on the north end of your operation for workers to use, and another pipe may be on the southeast end of the operation. But each of these suction points lead the material to the same place: the collection unit – installed near the suction unit and operation board.  

Why should my facility have a centralized vacuum system?

Because of their holistic nature, a CVS will help you address several production needs at one time. There are multiple suction points in a CVS, for example, which means workers won’t have to travel up and down the facility passing around and sharing equipment – saving time and potentially improving operational efficiency.

How can a centralized vacuum system help my operation with safety compliance?

A central vacuum setup with multiple suction points and a high-efficiency filtration system will provide your operation with the best possible means of maintaining cleanliness per safety regulation standards. Whether there is a need to combat hazardous dust which can lead to lung disease or combustible dust that threatens the whole operation, centralized vacuum systems can help you and your workers maintain a safe environment. 

Is a centralized vacuum system easy to install?

Odds are the company you’re working with will take on the installation themselves, so the ease of the installation isn’t something you should worry about. That said, the answer here is a matter of case-by-case circumstances. Everything from the size of the facility to the demands of the production itself will have its impact on installation complexity.

How can a centralized vacuum system help prevent cross-contamination?

There are a few ways a CVS may help you prevent cross-contamination. One of those ways: color-coded attachments. Blue, for example, may represent the attachment color you use while extracting one material and yellow may be used to represent another, thus preventing the dangers of cross-contamination.

Can I use direct extraction in a centralized vacuum system?

Absolutely! We recommend using a direct extraction approach, especially for continuous operations that result in hazardous dust. Not only can this help you maintain a safe environment, but it can help protect the lifespan of your machine.

How much power will I require for my suction unit?

This is an important factor when it comes to integrating an efficient centralized vacuum system into your operation. The power requirements will largely depend on the size of your operation and the number of suction points necessary to maintain a clean environment. At Delfin, we manufacture fixed or mobile suction units of up to 34hp.

What type of filter do I need for my centralized vacuum system?

Especially when working with finer dust particles, you’ll need a high-efficiency filter unit for your CVS. You can have a HEPA filter installed with your filter unit along with a high-filter surface area to help minimize the chance of machine stops (which can lead to performance reductions). Also note that these filtration systems, like those in a Delfin CVS, come ready with automatic cleaning systems.

Centralized Vacuum Systems from Delfin

At Delfin, we manufacture, design and install centralized vacuum systems for a wide array of industries. We not only provide the suction and collection units, but we also offer an extensive selection of accessories to complement your setup. To speak with someone about your CVS options or to learn more about how a centralized vacuum system may benefit your production, give us a call or reach out online.

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