AIR Series

AIR 80 WD 2V

The AIR 80 WD 2V industrial vacuum cleaner is powered by compressed air making it perfect for sucking up large quantities of liquids in places where no electricity is available or where it is not advisable to use it. Two powerful, air-driven Venturi units, which are completely maintenance-free, are used to generate the vacuum. With the large liquid storage capacity of the steel container and easy machine handling, it is the perfect solution for all types of liquid waste. A handy drainage valve on the rear makes it quick and easy to empty. Double filtration kit for liquids (in polypropylene) and dust (in polyester) included, as well as a float kit that automatically stops the suction when the container is full.

For more innovations associated with this model, see “related products” section below.

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Technical Features

Compressed Air Industrial Vacuum System

  • doneCompact and portable
  • doneMaintenance-free Venturi system for continuous use
  • doneLow air consumption
  • doneInterchangeable wet / dry filtration
  • doneLiquid shut-off valve
  • donePowder coated steel construction
  • doneLarge storage capacity
  • doneDischarge hose
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