Lightweight Overhead Cleaning Tools

Delfin Industrial's carbon fiber accessory kit is the perfect solution to guarantee easy, safe and fast overhead cleaning operations. In fact, the accessories are made of a conductive system (no sparks!) and will prevent any risk of injury by falling or hunghing over. The kit is designed for class II, division 2 applications and includes 3 carbon fiber, super light extensions poles that allow to reach overhead surfaces with no effort. The poles are easily assembled to the tools thanks to an innovative locking mechanism, guaranteeing total safety during the cleaning process.

Higher. Safer. Faster. Smarter. Take a look at the flyer to find out more!

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All other available tools

  • doneColor coded brushes, silicone cones, and scraping nozzles
  • donePVC and aluminum extensions
  • doneConnectors for different angles
  • doneWall brushes
  • doneFlexible brushes
  • donePipe cleaning brushes
  • doneRound and square brushes
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