Polyester Star Filter (Primary Filter)

The Polyester filter, also called "star" for its shape, is the most common filter installed on Delfin Industrial's vacuum. Its goal is to guarantee the maximum vacuum performance and total safety of the operator while reducing maintenance costs and inefficiencies.
The Polyester filter is made of pockets (which provide different filtering surface, according to the number - 14, 16 or 20) and it’s easy to replace and clean.
Usually, it is combined with a an absolute filter (HEPA filter) to guarantee the highest levels of safety and cleanliness.

Make sure you always keep your filter clean by using the filter cleaning system, especially before and after prolonged operations!

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Filtration Types

  • doneDelfin uses polyester pocket (star) filters certified according to dust filtration categories L and M.
  • doneFilter quality is measured by square meter surface and efficiency.
  • doneFilter class L : Efficiency 3 Micron
  • doneFilter class M : suitable for fine dust up to 1 Micron
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