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Central Vacuum Systems

When dealing with the suction of large quantities of material in an industrial plant, a question is usually raised: “How can I efficiently collect all this material while guaranteeing both production performance and operators’ safety?”. In most cases, the answer is a central vacuum system. Of course, the questions “What is a central vacuum system” and “How does a central vacuum system work” follow. No worries – we are here to guide you through the solution. Even if you can find exhaustive explanations in two specific articles in our “Education” page, the main thing you need to know is that a central vacuum system is a vacuuming solution consisting of suction unit, filter unit and collection unit allowing to suction large quantities of dust or solid material, even on different floors of the same plant and with several operators carrying out vacuuming operations simultaneously. A pipeline is typically connected to the suction unit, allowing the intake of dust in every area of the plant where the piping system has been installed. Discover the below range of products to find the most suitable solution to your specific requirement!


In a centralized vacuum system, SEP.DLF-0055 is a guarantee of quality...

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The SEP.DLF-0054, with its Antistatic Polyester class M star filter (7...

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Delfin's SEP.DLF-0053 Ø20in is a floor-mounted separator specifically ...

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Delfin SEP.DLF-0007 is a floor-mounted pre-separator with easy detacha...

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Delfin SEP.DLF-0006 is a floor-mounted separation unit with detachable...

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Delfin SEP.DLF-0005 is a filtering hopper with BIG-BAG hooks. Ø31in (...

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Delfin SEP.DLF-0067 is pre-separator bin with forklift intakes, which ...

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The CV127 is a side channel blower, very suitable for heavy-duty appli...

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As a powerful side-channel blower, Delfin's CV129 in a centralized vac...

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Start using a central vacuum system to optimize your production and see efficiency increase! It will allow you to save production costs, collect all dusts in a single point, avoid downtimes and clean different production areas simultaneously. Download the brochure and contact our experts to get more information and ask for your quotation: sales@delfinindustrial.com