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Central Vacuum Systems

Industrial Central Vacuum Systems for Large Operations 

Installing a central vacuum system (CVS) will help industrial plants efficiently collect large quantities of material in an industrial plant while guaranteeing production performance and operator safety and hygiene in the production area. The purpose of a CVS is to utilize the benefits of industrial vacuum systems from various points in an operation, even directly on production machinery. Not only can a CVS help with safety and efficiency, but workers find them to be a time saver and very convenient.


In a centralized vacuum system, the CV117 vacuum unit is a reliable an...

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DG 70

The DG 70 industrial vacuum system is the ideal solution for picking u...

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DG 70 PN

The DG 70 PN industrial vacuum cleaner is ideal for picking up dry dus...

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DG 75 AF

The DG 75 AF industrial vacuum cleaner produces an exceptional airflow...

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The DG 75 AF PN vacuum system combines the high suction performance of...

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The DG VL 110 MANUAL industrial vacuums are resistant and powerful, id...

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DG VL 125

The DG VL 125 industrial three phase portable vacuum systems are resis...

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DG VL 185

The DG VL 185 industrial vacuums are resistant and powerful, ideal for...

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DG VL 150 SE

The DG VL 150 SE industrial vacuum system is a portable three-phase v...

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How Does a Central Vacuum System Work? 

A central vacuum system is a fully-integrated vacuuming solution that includes a piping unit installed throughout the location for full support of material collection operations

This piping unit covers the entire plant, thus allowing operators to vacuum in every area that includes a vacuum port. These are at the heart of centralized systems, and their power can vary according to operational needs. The CVS also operates using a high-efficiency filter unit and a collection unit for the material. 

All these parts working together will allow the vacuuming of large quantities of dust or solid material at multiple locations in the plant. For example, an operator can utilize the CVS on the second floor at the same time as a different operator on the opposite side of the plant.

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Still wondering how it works? Check out our article that covers the CVS installation in more detail. These systems can help optimize your production while cutting down on costs and downtime. Reach out online to start a personalized order or send an inquiry.