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Certified Industrial Vacuum Cleaners 

Delfin is proud to offer industrial vacuum cleaners engineered for safe use by OSHA-approved organizations. These certified products are built to withstand environmental hazards while still offering unmatched efficiency. Additionally, we tailor each order according to industry standards and company needs. See our certified vacuums below for information on individual units. 

DG 300 HD EX1/2D

The DG 300 HD EX1/2 is ATEX-certified zone 20 inside and zone 21 outsi...

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What Is an NRTL? 

Products must be engineered for the safety of the user. An NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) is a third-party entity recognized by safety organizations like OSHA to test products for consumer use. When the product has NRTL approval, it’s certified for safe use by the testing laboratory and manufacturers may label the product accordingly. 

Why Does an Industrial Vacuum Need NRTL Certification? 

Industrial vacuum cleaners and dust collectors are typically used in environments that pose serious safety hazards. An NRTL certification ensures the product may be used effectively and safely in these environments. 

Do You Offer NRTL Certified Vacuums With HEPA Filters?

Absolutely! Delfin offers a wide range of filter options, each type designed to meet your vacuum’s specs and operational needs. 

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