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Delfin Industrial Vacuum Cleaners – Easy to Use, Easy to Transport

From more commercial to height-adjustable industrial vacuum cleaners for manufacturing industries, our catalog of portable vacuums covers a wide spectrum of industry needs. So whether you’re a concrete contractor working with dangerous silica dust or your 10,000 square feet production facility requires several sites for dust extraction, our portable vacuum solutions have you covered. 

Delfin industrial portable vacuum cleaners provide the benefits of industrial-strength extraction with the maneuverability of an everyday household vac. See our catalog below for more information. 

PRO HEPA 6EB- HV103 Backpack

PRO HEPA 6EB- HV103 is one of the backpack models of the Pro Hepa Line...

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PRO HEPA 6BB- HV100 Backpack

PRO HEPA 6BB- HV100 is a battery-operated vacuum that can be worn comf...

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PRO HEPA 4520P - HV109

In the PRO HEPA Line, this is the "pump-out" solution for picking up w...

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PRO HEPA 20S is the most unique product in applications which require ...

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PRO HEPA 20- HV107

Among HEPA Vacuums, PRO HEPA 20- HV107 is the model with the largest c...

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PRO HEPA 13- HV106

As all models in the PRO HEPA Line that are equipped with an individua...

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PRO HEPA 10- HV105

PRO HEPA 10 - HV105 is a performing dry pick-up model with 2HP commerc...

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PRO HEPA 4 - HV104

In the Pro Hepa Line, PRO HEPA 4 - HV104 is a powerful and user-friend...

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The Mistral 300 BL D2 industrial vacuum cleaner is NRTL certified for ...

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Single-Phase Vacuums, Three-Phase Vacuums, & Much More 

Our single-phase industrial vacuums provide thorough vacuum capabilities on a wide scale while our three-phase industrial vacuums provide continuous extraction support for 24/7 operations. 

Delfin also offers certified industrial vacuum cleaners as well as industrial vacuums that have been engineered to meet safety recommendations across several industries. Also, check out our pro HEPA line for industrial vacuums with HEPA filters that trap and contain dangerous particles. 

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