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Every industrial vacuum cleaner has its purpose. Some are designed for heavy-duty applications, some for continuous use in 24/7 manufacturing operations. The single-phase industrial vacuum cleaner is made for flexibility in all ways.

Single-phase vacuums are portable and non-continuous in nature. In other words, they’re perfect for taking them around your plant and using them as needed to keep your environment and machinery clean and safe. Their powerful motors and highly efficient filters make them a great option for a wide range of industries and materials – that includes hazardous dust and material chips.

Wondering if we have a single-phase vacuum fit for your industry? Single-phase industrial vacuums come in a wide range of optional configurations, varying filters and accessories, and may be ordered according to material and industry application. We also offer certified industrial vacuum cleaners with single-phase power for dust hazard prevention.



The MISTRAL 202 DS NOMEX is a lightweight industrial vacuum specifical...

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The Mistral 201 BL D2 industrial vacuum system is NRTL certified for c...

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The MISTRAL 452 is a compact and powerful industrial vacuum cleaner, p...

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The INERT 451 BL has an Atex Zone 22 certification and is NFPA Complia...

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The 451 BL D2 is a compact and powerful industrial vacuum cleaner, per...

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DM 3

The DM 3 is by far the best seller in Delfin’s high-powered line. Thre...

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DM 1 BL D2

The DM 1 BL D2 industrial vacuum is recognized as Delfin's most versat...

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The Microtec is the ideal vacuum for cleaning up small quantities of f...

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LC 1000 D

The LC 1000 D is a speciality vacuum for clean rooms, created in respo...

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What Is a Single-Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaner?

A single-phase industrial vacuum cleaner utilizes a single-phase power supply. Single-phase power, contrary to three-phase power, is engineered with hot and neutral wiring and is often incorporated in machines like fans and compressors that require lower horsepower. In an industrial vacuum, single-phase motors provide an efficient source of mechanical energy for optimal machine use in non-continuous use applications.


Flexible Industrial Vacuums Tailored for Your Industry

Interested in learning more about our single-phase industrial vacuums? Give us a call or contact us online. Delfin has a wide range of industrial vacuum cleaners and dust collectors. We can help you find the right solution for your industry.