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Prevent the Hazards of Fine Dust & Collect Materials With Endless Bag Systems

Fine dust as defined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is any dust particle 2.5 micrometers or smaller. When inhaled, fine dust particles can become lodged in workers’ lungs and cause long-term damage. Crystalline silica dust in concrete and construction industries, for example, can cause inflammation, scarring, or worse – silicosis, a permanent lung condition that can be fatal. 

Delfin’s products are designed to help prevent exposure to fine dust hazards like silica. That’s where the Endless Bag comes in. 


Easy disposal of the harmful material collected and portability are th...

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How Does an Endless Bag Work?

The Endless Bag is a 65-foot (or 20 meters) long bag that is capable of custom adjustment in weight capacity and in length. It follows a “fasten and cut” principle and a user may fill up to 50 custom-cut bags before they require replacement. 

Delfin carries three types of Endless Bags, including standard, antistatic (required for combustible dust), and heavy-duty models.

See directions for use in our Endless Bag educational post.


Pair Your Industrial Vacuum Cleaner With an Endless Bag for Optimal Workspace Cleanliness 

Delfin manufactures industrial vacuums with dust collection solutions fit for a wide range of industries. Vacuum models include certified vacuums, central vacuum systems, and portable three- and single-phase vacuums. In addition to Endless Bags, other industrial vacuum accessories we carry include HEPA filters, hose attachments, Class M pocket filters, and much more. 

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