Your Guide to Choosing the Best Industrial Wet and Dry Vacuum System

March 31, 2021

Industrial vacuum cleaners are the best solution to carry out industrial cleaning and maintenance operations. In fact, they have the power to pick up metal chips, scraps, harmful dusts, and other potentially dangerous materials, thus guaranteeing your operation’s safety and productivity. If your worksite or plant deals in solids and liquids, then wet and dry industrial vacuums are your best bet for keeping a clean and compliant work environment. To assist you in your search, Delfin has put together a guide on how to choose the best possible wet and dry vacuum for your situation.

Factors that Have an Influence on Your Choice of a Wet and Dry Vacuum

Every job is different. Ask yourself: How much space do you need to cover? Are you collecting both liquids and solids or just liquids? How many liters do you have to vacuum? What industry are you working in? Are there federal and industrial guidelines that dictate your housekeeping system? These are the questions that can help lead you down the path to the right wet and dry vacuum system. Consider the following factors as you seek your solution: 

Power Type

Some industries will benefit well from an electric-powered wet and dry vacuum, others may look to industrial vacuums powered via compressed air. Both electric and compressed air solutions are safe for liquid suctioning purposes: the choice may depend on a lack of access to electricity; the amount of liquids to be vacuumed (for high volumes the compressed air is usually preferred) and the type of liquid to handle. The Air 80 WD 2V , for instance, with its maintenance-free multi-venturi suction unit, is very suitable to suck up liquids where it may not be safe to use electronic machines and where there may not be access to electricity. 

Suction Power and Efficiency

When choosing a WD system, it is also important to consider the quantity of material to pick up in any given shift or timeframe. If the time is limited, you probably will require higher power while ensuring the same levels of efficiency. In such cases, a Delfin product like the Mistral 802 WD, for example, which has the power to collect 70 liters of liquid in less than 50 seconds, will help the user to save precious time mid-shift and jump back into production as soon as possible.  


Regardless of the main cleaning and maintenance requirements your industry has to deal with, safety always comes first. When it comes to collecting harmful material such as combustible dust or to high-volume liquids, seeking for vacuum systems that fall under NFPA guidelines and are NRTL certified is always the safest solution for your workers and guarantees to be compliant with federal regulations. 

Multipurpose Applications

For productions that result in materials of all sizes and states—liquid, dry, or both— you’ll want a multipurpose industrial vacuum that has the potential to collect a wide range of materials. The DM3, for example, has three single-phase motors and is great for bulk pick up, overhead cleaning, liquid and dry mixed materials, and general vacuum purposes.

Wet and Dry Filters

Make sure you are using the correct wet or dry filter when using a WD industrial vacuum. Delfin provides both a DRY PRIMARY FILTER (Nylon, polyester, class L bag) and a WET PRIMARY FILTER (polypropylene bag, 300 µm). The antistatic versions of these filters are also available, to always guarantee high safety and efficiency levels.

In multipurpose applications, also the OWR filter is available: this industrial vacuum filter is water repellant, designed to protect your vacuums’ engine and, subsequently, your investment. 

When it comes to compliance and protecting your equipment, you can never be too careful. It will help to talk to a professional about which filter is best for your wet and dry vacuum.

Extra Features

Consider also the extra features in your wet and dry vacuum. The little things will go a long way. Are hoses easily removed and stored? Is the length of your power chord sufficient for your work area? A good wet and dry industrial vacuum will make for easy clean-up, compliant material disposal, and it will allow for flexible use. The vacuum should also enable a smooth transition between the wet application and the dry application, so factor interchangeability into your search.

Look for a High-Quality Manufacturer

Your industrial vacuum system is nothing to fool around with. Be sure your machine’s quality matches the demand of your industry. Industrial vacuums built by high-quality manufacturers are longer lasting, durable, and adhere to safety compliance regulations. A good wet and dry vacuum will also lend well to dynamic environments and it will enable you to adjust to your situation as needed.

Wet and Dry Industrial Vacuums from Delfin

Delfin is in the business of ensuring your operation remains clean and productive. For 30 years, we’ve provided businesses with innovative vacuum and dust collection systems built for a wide range of industries. With over 140 models available and a catalog of quality vacuum accessories, we have the resources necessary to customize your vacuum system to meet your company’s needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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