4 Ways to Improve Your Dust Collection System for Worker Safety

May 22, 2022

For many industries, the dust collection process is about mitigating dust for the sake of worker safety. So, how can you get there? Dust collection improvement starts with complementing your process with machines engineered for your industry.

That may include an industrial vacuum cleaner, dust collectors and/or a fully installed central vacuum system. From there, you’ll want accessories and add-ons that optimize the cleaning process.

This post will cover the ways dust mitigation equipment and tools can improve your dust collection system for worker safety.

#1 Endless Bags for Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

What is an endless bag? An endless bag is an industrial vacuum bag with 22 meters of tri-layered coextruded polyethylene. For those of you with kids, much like a Diaper Genie, endless bags may be cut and tied off at the convenience of the operator. In fact, Delfin vacuums with endless bags are easy to adjust in weight and length, working on a “fasten and cut” principle.

These bags are designed to contain hazardous and combustible dust in bulk. That includes silica dust from concrete and construction operations, as well as combustible dust from various manufacturing operations.

So, workers may continue their process knowing that endless bags can safely contain dust while also providing a convenient, efficient means of disposing of it.

DM3BLP single-phase Delfin industrial vacuum with Endless Bag collection system for fine dusts
DM3BLP single-phase Delfin industrial vacuum with Endless Bag collection system for fine dusts


#2 Color-Coded Equipment Heads & Attachments

Among the dangers of handling dust is cross-contamination of materials. Industries like additive manufacturing, food processing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing see these potential dangers on a regular basis.

One sure-fire way to prevent this hazard is color-coded accessories for your cleaning process. This way, you have a simple means of organizing what attachments go with which material or operation without complication or second-guessing.

How They Help

Color-coding accessories improve cross-contamination prevention by helping the operator:

  • Simplify recognition
  • Track different activities as you perform your task
  • Improve organization
  • Cancel the risk of contamination between different products or external agents
  • Adapted for food contact and autoclavable (a sterile surface for food-related uses)

Note: If you’re in the food processing industry, make sure that the heads and attachments you use are FDA-approved for use. Check out our flyer on color-coding for more information.

Color coded accessories to avoid cross-contamination
Color coded accessories to avoid cross-contamination mainly in food and pharma applications


#3 Central Vacuum System – A Dust Collection System Design for Optimal Cleanliness

We can’t stress this enough. A central vacuum system (CVS) for medium-to-large productions dealing with hazardous dust is one of the best ways to provide safe operations for workers. They’re also a great solution for industries with various cleaning requirements and different workers operating simultaneously. 

Experts design a CVS for convenient dust and material removal throughout a warehouse. The system will often include:

  • Multiple ports for easy worker station access
  • A vacuum unit (certified, if part of the order)
  • A single source for material collection
  • Self-cleaning filtration system
  • Pre-separators and direct extraction setups as necessary

Ideally, your CVS provider will customize and install per your operation’s needs. Learn more by checking out our CVS catalog.

Central vacuum system_Dust Collection System for Optimal Cleanliness
Central vacuum system_Dust Collection System for Optimal Cleanliness


#4 Certified Industrial Vacuum Systems With HEPA Filters

Compliance with NFPA and OSHA standards will require an NRTL-certified industrial vacuum at the heart of your cleaning operation. This is because certified vacuums are tested for the sake of worker safety and built with anti-static, anti-dust accumulation measures in mind.

You’ll also want to ensure that your HEPA filter provides the maximum possible dust containment. It should have at least a 99.995% efficiency rate at .18 microns in size. Other relevant filtration types include Nomex filters for heat resistance and PTFE filters which are ideal for sticky powders.

Hepa filter for the filtration of the finest and most dangerous dust
Hepa filter for the filtration of the finest and most dangerous dust


Industrial Dust Collection Systems & Vacuums – Personalize Your Order Today  

At Delfin, we provide dust collection solutions for various industries across the globe. Our systems have helped manufacturers remain safe and compliant while improving efficiency throughout their production process. 

In fact, these systems include more than dust collectors and industrial vacuums. We offer pneumatic conveyors for the safe transportation of delicate materials as well as high-vacuum systems for heavy-duty applications.

Call or email our office today to learn how we can personalize your order to match your operation’s cleaning demands.

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