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Pneumatic Conveyors

Pneumatic conveyors are effective solutions to automatically transfer high quantity of powders, granules and solids (no liquids) from point A to point B in a plant, according to the needs related to the production line, by using very small quantities of air. The product is usually noble from industries like food (e.g. dry fruit, coffee, sugar, spices, legumes or cheese), pharma (e.g. powders, pills, chemical powders), chemical (starches, coloring, preservatives), nutraceutical (e.g. powders) or additive manufacturing and that’s why this phase is usually delicate in a production process. Using the right pneumatic conveying system becomes essential to guarantee the integrity of the final product while avoiding cross contamination.

TECH 280 E

Diluted phase pneumatic conveyor, equipped with side channel electric ...

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PRO 280 P

Dense phase pneumatic conveyor, equipped with multi-nozzle venturi pum...

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Choosing a pneumatic conveyor means increasing productivity and efficiency of machines on which they are installed up to 30%. Delfin offers several loading and unloading options: all you have to do is download the brochure and contact our experts, they are here to guide you towards the best solution to reach this goal: sales@delfinindustrial.com