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Specialty Vacuum Systems

Three-phase special vacuum systems to safely handle API and HPAPI active pharmaceutical ingredients

When dealing with Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPI), the use of PPEs is not always sufficient to certainly safeguard workers from exposure to this hazard material. That’s why Delfin has designed the Pharma and Dust Containment line: a range of vacuum cleaners and pre-separators with HEPA and ULPA filters to safely contain even the finest dusts and guarantee operators’ total safety.


The Pharma 40 DC is a compact, silent, and safe dust containment solut...

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DBFV 10 - DBFV 20 - DBFV 30

The DBFV line is a range of powerful industrial vacuum cleaners specif...

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As part of the range of solutions for the Pharmaceutical industry, thi...

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The SEP.DC-001 is a cyclonic pre-separator for the pharmaceutical indu...

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The Pharma 40.40DC is a powerful and safe solution for the containment...

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PHARMA 40.40

The PHARMA 40.40 is a compact and silent system for the extraction at ...

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AS 10 - AS 20 - AS 30

The AS line is the perfect solution to remove production scraps from y...

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AS 70

The AS 70 is part of the Delfin Industrial's specific line for the con...

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The ZEFIRO EV AP 420 is the most compact mobile dust collector for air...

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The Pharma and Dust Containment range complies with GMP guidelines, it is easy and safe to maintain and is recommended to vacuum active ingredients classified up to OEB 3 (Pharma20.18 and 40.40), OEB 4 and OEB 5 (Pharma40.40DC and containment pre-separators). The OEB, Occupational Exposure Band, is a classification method used to assign substances under investigation to specific levels. Each single level corresponds to a concentration and exposure range.

With this range, Delfin Industrial guarantees operators’ safety, production efficiency, and the safe containment of toxic ingredients while avoiding cross-contamination.

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