Customized Industrial Vacuum Solutions for Production Lines 

The safety of workers and meeting compliance standards are two of the most vital issues industrial manufacturing employers face. We know because we’ve seen firsthand how these affect our clients’ operations. After 30 years of hard work, Delfin has perfected the engineering of customized industrial vacuum cleaners. Our machines can be found not only in production line processes but also in milling operations, additive manufacturing, food production, and many other industries. 

Our partners come to us for our unique, tight-knit approach to the business relationship and for the wide range of material extraction solutions we offer (over 140 different vacuum platforms). And when the solution you need isn’t in our catalog, our engineers and problem-solvers are experienced and ready to deliver you what you need. 


We did. That’s because we’re proud to have in-house production capabilities, including metal fabrication, R&D, powder coating, mechanical and electrical assembly, engineering and much more. Our manufacturing facility is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment to produce tailor-made systems with a quick turnaround. In other words, when you partner with Delfin, you gain the advantage of vacuum designs built specifically to your industry demands. From tiny, suspended particles with combustible qualities to large, heavy materials and metals – we offer dust mitigation solutions for just about every application.


There’s nothing quite like matching machinery and equipment. Whether you’re looking to impress stakeholders or you simply want consistent branding throughout your production line, you can take advantage of our in-house powder coating system. Nothing we make is painted, only the highest quality powder coating that is FDA approved and non-chipable. No need to stick with the stock colors either. Just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll find a palette to match your setup. This is especially useful for our OEM partners and for private labeling.


Running into equipment troubleshooting is something we hope you never have to do. After all, we stand by the quality of our industrial vacuum systems. That said, we’ve got you covered if the need arises for a replacement part. Our operation includes over 50,000 square feet in Italy and 8,000 square feet in the U.S. of equipment and components, all in place to provide a fast and efficient support service when you need it most.


Whether you come from a production line in equipment manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, or food processing, there are certain safety standards for housekeeping and maintenance you have to address. At Delfin, we offer certified industrial vacuum cleaners> that meet NRTL and NFPA requirements. If your industry calls for static-proof or otherwise explosion preventative vacuums, let us know and we’ll direct you to the right Delfin product!

Fixed suction units for direct extraction on production machinery

Fixed suction units for direct extraction on production machineries are the ideal solution to remove solid or liquid materials from the source during production cycles. Extremely compact, vertically and horizontally designed, these machines are easy to install and to integrate on pre-existing or highly automated production lines>.