Solutions that create value

Quality. Design. Innovations. For more than twenty-five years.

Delfin was created over twenty-five years ago by the passion of its founder, Antonino Siclari, for the category of industrial vacuums. Since then we have never stopped working to offer innovative and efficient solutions to our customers. Today Delfin provides state of the art industrial vacuum solutions to professionals and industries around the world. Thanks to its innovative and entrepreneurial choices, the company represents the only industrial partnership capable of providing a truly 360 degrees know-how in the field of industrial vacuums. With a range composed of more than 140 models, Delfin is always able to ensure the right solution in each application area.

Solutions that improve efficiency

The Right Product for Your Industry and Needs.

Delfin's industrial vacuum systems are not simple, but true industrial tools capable of increasing the efficiency of each industrial process, ensuring security and cleaning standards even in the most demanding environments. From the pharmaceutical laboratory to the foundry, from the small bakery to the largest automotive industry, our vacuum systems have solved and continue to satisfy the cleaning requirements of industries worldwide.

Delfin Timeline

Worldwide Growth

  • done1991 - First Steps; Settimo Torinese, near Turin (Italy)
  • done2009 - Delfin Deutschland Industriesauger GmbH; German market
  • done2013 - Delfin Asia-Pacific; Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City
  • done2017 - Delfin Industrial Corporation; USA, Plymouth, MN
Creating Value

Our Mission: is to create innovative solutions to increase Efficiency, Safety and Productivity.

We believe in a business model that puts the customer at its core. Through non-stop development of equipment and solutions, continuous improvement, and quality standards, we have achieved customer trust and reputation for excellence in several industries worldwide. Delfin always involves its customers from the early stages, when designing new services and equipment. We offer customized products and solutions responding to their specific needs, along with exclusive services to increase their satisfaction. Every step of the process in the manufacturing of finished products is monitored meticulously. This has enabled us to achieve several among the most important quality certifications. Thanks to our large warehouse in Italy, branch offices and partners worldwide, we can guarantee non-stop and fast availability of spare parts and accessories. We provide our partners and customers with a dedicated Support Team, ongoing training programs and fast delivery time of finished products.

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Our guarantee

Reliability. Beyond all limits.

Discover the every day reliability of each Delfin machine. Each system is the perfect combination of quality, safety and technology, but you also have at your service the attention that you require for any of your needs. Additionally, Delfin gives you more, going beyond what is required by law. Each industrial system has a 2-year warranty in the rare case of defective construction. All of Delfin's machines are CE marked and are assembled through a quality certified process to the ISO 9001 standard. Our new Explosion-proof line complies with NFPA standards.


Absolute quality. Almost infinite life. Continuous Efficiency.

This result is made possible thanks to continuous investment in R & D and direct and constructive dialogue with our customers. Our department of Research & Development, as well as ensuring the never ending development of the product, empowers the customization of machines and the creation of special designs, specifically designed for the customers' needs.

Excellence is not a word, it is a lifestyle. With this idea in mind our expert staff assemble, test and verify the correct operation of each small part of our industrial vacuums, from the first to the last machine. Delfin quality is not a promise, but a certainty. Each Delfin vacuum cleaner is built in Italy, with components Made in Italy and Germany, through a process of production which has been certified for quality by DNV with the ISO 9001.