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The efficiency and performance of your vacuum operations, is not just a matter of power or structural features of the vacuum. It is also a matter of understanding and choosing the correct tools to use.

Make sure you keep good maintenance of your filter by preventing its clogging, first by keep it clean (especially after every heavy/continuous use) and then by replacing it after a long, good service.

Scroll down to discover the second important tool!

PTFE Coated Polyester Star Filter

When dealing with sticky and sharp debris like glass fiber dust, a hig...

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PPL filter

The PPL filter is a highly resistant and efficient polypropylene indus...

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NOMEX Heat-resistant filter

The NOMEX heat-resistant industrial vacuum filter is a star filter tha...

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Absolute filter- H14 HEPA

H14 HEPA filter, or absolute filter, is the most used secondary filter...

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Antistatic Filter

The Antistatic Filter can be either a Polyester Star Filter or a Cartr...

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Polyester Star Filter

The Polyester filter, also called "star" for its shape, is the most co...

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The filter is a critical part of the industrial vacuum cleaner, as it ...

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Overhead Cleaning Tools

Delfin Industrial's carbon fiber accessory kit is the perfect solution...

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Hand Tools for Specific Areas

A Delfin industrial vacuum cleaner can be configured with an immense n...

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The second important tool to keep count of, is the accessories. All accessories have different purposes, according to the use and they can guarantee different types of performance. Are you sure you have the right accessories for your specific needs? Give us a call, we will help you figure it how! If you already know and all you need is replacing those existing, here is our full range. Enjoy your browsing!