Industrial Vacuum Solutions for Technology & Engineering

Highest level of hygiene and no contamination within the work place. Industrial vacuum cleaners for application in food and beverage industries must ensure absolute hygienic standards. HEPA filters, stainless steel construction, complete grounding. Antistatic, stainless steel accessories that are FDA approved and for capable of collecting materials at high temperatures. The NRTL certification adds a further level of security with NFPA 652 compliance

Proper Hygiene to Reduce the Risks of Contamination

To eliminate these risks it is necessary to:

✓ critically analyze the various environments in which the production cycle takes place, to identify each potential source of contamination;
✓ define what the critical control points are, in order to verify and eliminate potential problems;
✓ evaluate the corrective actions necessary to eliminate the risk of contamination;
✓ establish hygiene verification procedures for each production cycle.

Using an industrial vacuum or centralized extraction system is one of the most effective solutions available in the prevention of contamination.

Vacuuming at the source to remove any dust or residue reduces the possibility of it coming into contact with products.

The organic and flammable nature of raw materials that are used in the food industry can create a risk of explosion if not properly handled, as well as putting the workers health at risk.

Cleaning Production Lines and Machinery

The greatest risk for the food industry is food contamination. Preventing potential microbial and cross contamination is essential to avoid paying the heavy economic sanctions faced by those who do not abide by the rules of good manufacturing practice (GMP) or who fail to implement the HACCP protocol when setting up production processes.

There is no one model of industrial vacuum cleaner that can be used across the board.
Each one needs to be configured according to the specific need.

Optionals to comply with standards
- NRTL Certification
- AISI304-316 stainless steel construction for those parts in contact with food
- different types of filters such as NOMEX for high heat or Antistatic filters
- addition of pre-separators or hoppers to boost collection capacity and facilitate the handling of the extracted dust
- centralized extraction systems to enable several areas to be cleaned at the same time, or on board machinery

Packaging Lines

Packaging machines often produce scrap, which needs to be removed on an ongoing basis if production downtime to remove the waste is to be avoided. The vacuum cleaners from the AS line can suck up large quantities of this type of material and compact it inside large, easy-to-empty bags.