Website Launch

May 04, 2020

Over the past 6 months, Delfin Industrial Corporation has proudly partnered with Snap Agency to create and launch a new website for our North American market. The launch of our new web platform propels Delfin into our next generation of customer experience by creating a smooth, easy to use and comprehensive user interface. We believe that the future of our business lies in the ability to streamline customer education, minimizing the time required for customers to identify solutions to their needs. And what better way to do that than with a highly efficient website. This website is designed on an E-Commerce platform and is optimized for maximum user efficiency with a clean look, feel and user friendly experience.

Delfin Industrial Corporation is in Plymouth, MN and offers design and supply of dust mitigation equipment from our principal partners Delfin SRL headquartered globally in Turin, Italy. Delfin has humbly grown to become one of the fastest growing and largest companies in its category across the globe. Our globally leading company includes one of the broadest ranges of industrial vacuum systems, dust collection and pneumatic conveyance. Independent and privately held, our global mission is to create innovative solutions that improve production efficiency, guarantee safety and increase productivity.

Our new website can be found at We encourage you to check out this new site and call on our team of highly trained and technical professionals for any of your industrial dust mitigation needs.

Kind Regards,
Scott Boersma
Delfin Industrial COO/CFO

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