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At Delfin, we pride ourselves on providing a vast range of vacuum types for solutions across multiple industries. Among our extensive catalog of industrial vacuum cleaners are the specialty models for operations that require inert designs. 

Models in our inert vacuum line are engineered with inert fluid baths aimed to neutralize combustible and conductive dust by means of an inert fluid bath that neutralizes the dust the very moment it touches the liquid, as soon as they reach the container. This makes inert vacuums perfect for additive manufacturing operations (like 3D printing). Industries that handle metal dust are especially in need of an inert vacuum system. That includes operations working with the following particle types: aluminum, steel, zirconium, tantalum, and lithium.


The INERT 451 BL has an Atex Zone 22 certification and is NFPA Complia...

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The INERT ZEFIRO 75 industrial vacuum is ATEX, Zone 22 certified for p...

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The INERT DG 50 industrial vacuum is ATEX, Zone 22 certified for picki...

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The pre-separator must be placed between the pick-up point and the ind...

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What Does Inert Mean? 

Inert simply means a lack of movement or, in the case of chemicals, chemically inactive. In the case of industrial operations, “Inert” refers to combustible, conductive dusts being made powerless. Inert vacuums utilize inert oil in the liquid bath.

Why Does Inert Oil Matter for My Operation? 

Inert oil in your vacuum’s liquid bath will help maintain a safe operation as you deal with high-temperature materials. This is because inert oils have a low reactivity to heat and therefore support a vital step in the dust collection process with certain types of dust. You will commonly find inert oils in the automotive industry or other machine-related sectors.  


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