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Three-Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Where the single-phase industrial vacuum cleaner is purposed for non-continuous and flexible use, the three-phase industrial vacuum cleaner is engineered for continuous use and 24/7 operation cycles. Great for direct extraction needs and heavy-duty applications, the three-phase industrial vacuum cleaner will help with both dust extraction as well as general material suction for your warehouse cleaning needs.


The Pharma 40 DC is a compact, silent, and safe dust containment solut...

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DBFV 10 - DBFV 20 - DBFV 30

The DBFV line is a range of powerful industrial vacuum cleaners specif...

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The Pharma 40.40DC is a powerful and safe solution for the containment...

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PHARMA 40.40

The PHARMA 40.40 is a compact and silent system for the extraction at ...

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AS 10 - AS 20 - AS 30

The AS line is the perfect solution to remove production scraps from y...

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AS 70

The AS 70 is part of the Delfin Industrial's specific line for the con...

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PHARMA 20.18

The Pharma 20 is one of the most versatile and performing solutions fo...

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ZEFIRO 75 is an ultra compact three-phase vacuum system. Its vertical ...

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The INERT ZEFIRO 75 industrial vacuum is ATEX, Zone 22 certified for p...

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What Is a Three-Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaner?

Three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners derive power from a three-phase system. A three-phase power system is employed by three wires and generates an alternating current that’s typically more economical than alternatives. This is why three-phase vacuums are used for continuous operations – the energy is far more efficient in the long term. They are also likely to have a much longer lifespan and are typically maintenance-free.

Industrial Vacuums for Efficient Dust & Material Mitigation

Delfin pairs the best of vacuum engineering with informed, customized solutions for a personalized product that clients can rely on. Our three-phase industrial vacuum cleaners are reliable for long cycles and will help you collect and control dust throughout your operation – whatever your industry. Contact us online to connect with our team.