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Our mission is to create innovative solutions able to increase companies’ efficiency, productivity and safety .
Becoming a dealer means relying on a company with thirty years of experience, truly customer-oriented, able to offer the best possible products in the field of vacuuming solutions.

Delfin Industrial's experience on the field of industrial vacuuming

Our Industrial Experience

Delfin Industrial is the official subsidiary of Delfin Industrial Vacuums in the US, serving the North America market and requirements in the field of total dust mitigation since 2017. Basing on the 30 years of experience of its founder, Antonino Siclari, Delfin Industrial provides industrial vacuum systems, dust collectors, central vacuum systems, and pneumatic conveyors with specific features to meet every sector and application’s needs.

- Local presence and large warehouse
- Sales team of experts in the field of industrial vacuuming
- Customer-oriented approach
- Continuous support: before, during and after sale
- Constant research to offer the best products on the market
- Wide range of nrtl certified and nfpa compliant solutions

Safeguarding Health and Enhancing Productivity: Customized Solutions for a Safer Industrial Environment

Our Mission, Values and Goal

Our mission is to provide cutting-edge solutions aimed at guaranteeing efficient, productive, and safe work environments.
We value our partners and customers as people, not just businesses, doing everything in our power to protect their health, make them feel unique, and essential in making the difference.
We want to spread continuous awareness through customized training on what we do best: capture, trap and dispose of all sorts of dusty, liquid, and solid materials, even combustible.

Advantages of being partner with Delfin Industrial


Both the company and our team are locally based. We have experience in the US market, knowing the usual requirements and rules our customers need to comply with and abide by.
Locally based means a full stock of vacuums and spare parts for fast delivery. Also, prompt support in person when necessary.
Cannot find what you are looking for? No problem, our technical staff and R&D Department in the Head Quarter will find an engineered and customized way to provide the right solution to any need.
The team is made of professional, highly experienced members, each one in specific fields. We leave nothing to chance.
We provide constant training on our products to your team and join you to visit customers when needed. We make sure you can always handle all types of requests.
A complete range of industrial vacuum cleaners, dust collectors, central vacuum systems, and pneumatic conveyors to cover all specific requirements. Certified products to handle even hazardous and combustible dust.

A future of possibilities is waiting for you

Start being part of the exclusive elite of Delfin distributors and OEMs to make the real difference! Join our willing, efficient, and performing partners and start bringing added value to your customers by choosing reliability, competence, and care.