Industrial Vacuum Solutions for Shot, Glass and Sand Blasting

Shot, sand, and glass blasting are frequent operations in most industries to clean, strengthen or polish metals. This method creates excessive dust and waste that need to be collected once the operation ends for a clean and safe working environment. The use of a Delfin vacuum cleaner can speed up these types of operation, allowing dust and sand to be easily collected for a new use.

✓ Ease the suction and recovery of large amounts of grit and dusts
✓ Retrieval and reuse of materials in sandblasting field
✓ Improved safety within the sandblasting process


Delfin vacuums can be connected directly to the blaster in order to vacuum during the operation and following the movement of the blaster. Alternatively the vacuum can be used after the blasting operation to recover dusts and other residuals on the floor and others surfaces.


Concrete, silica, steel, marble and plaster powders are just some of the dangerous powders that create risks for workers daily. The consequences for workers are hazardous but industries can prevent this from the use of safe tools.
Delfin vacuums are engineered with safety filters and collection systems that avoid any contact between dusts and workers.


Many blaster manufacturers are already Delfin customers and together we developed specific solutions for the whole sector of surface treatment:
✓ Powerful suction for heavy material
✓ Wide surface filters with integrated filter cleaning systems
✓ Possibility of lifting machines and fork-lift intakes
✓ Compressed air or electric supply
✓ Abrasion-proof separators, hoses and accessories
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