Centralized Vacuum Systems

A centralized vacuum system allows the withdrawal of dust and solids thanks to a series of pipes that can be mounted anywhere in the facility. Delfin’s centralized vacuum systems can extract materials from multiple vacuum points simultaneously, depending on the power and features of the suction unit and the specific materials being collected. Each vacuum system must be designed considering the specific dimensions and characteristics of the area in which it has to be installed.

For more than 25 years, Delfin has designed, manufactured and installed central vacuum systems for the collection of powders and solids in various industries, all while following each necessary step of development. We design, engineer and install centralized vacuum systems for:

✓ Cleaning and maintenance: giving you the tools your operation needs to maintain a productive operation and even potentially protect your machines in the long-term
✓ Dust control: helping your operation avoid explosion hazards like combustible dust and harmful particles like crystalline silica that threaten your workers’ health
✓ Integration on production lines: integrating your system with a CVS will save you significant amounts of time, labor, and can even help prevent cross-contamination
✓ Improve efficiency: when your material extraction is made dynamic and convenient, it opens up opportunities for you to improve operational efficiency in other areas of production

A centralized vacuum system withdraws in order to increase the efficiency of the plant. The unit has to be chosen wisely, taking in consideration many factors, such as the type of material, the number of pickup points and the distances that need to be covered. Delfin manufactures fixed or mobile suction units with power up to 34hp, with several additional options available such as remote control and the full personalization of the electrical panel for special functions.

Maintenance-free, efficient, and reliable, Delfin’s CV suction units can withdraw powders and solids from multiple suction points simultaneously. Models like the CV126 come powered in a three-phase system, which is perfect for continuous use. And as if these benefits weren’t enough, the CV series is also known for low noise levels and energy-saving capabilities.

Industrial vacuum systems meant to extract and collect fine dust require high levels of filtration to ensure the efficiency of plant operations. Delfin centralized vacuum systems can be provided with high-efficiency filter units (with HEPA filters installed) and high filter surface area in order to minimize machine stops and the reduction of performances during long operations.

The use of a centralized system is an efficient solution for the collection of material. Each system can be equipped with the proper collection system, making it easier to dispose of the collected material. This system will ideally include extractable containers, Longopac systems and rotary cells for continuous discharge. These, of course, are only some of the solutions for the management of the collected dust.

What’s more, your CVS may be designed so that all the material—though coming from separate suction points at various parts of your operation—collects in the same location. This cuts down on labor and adds convenience to your material disposal.

Delfin pre-separators are designed to protect your equipment and filters from materials that may otherwise cause damage during the extraction process. Hot material coming from a machine, for example, can be cooled at extraction through a water separator. Our pre-separators may be installed easily with your CVS and are a more-than-worthy addition to help protect your investment.

Your centralized vacuum system is not complete without the proper accessories. We have a wide selection of tools that are designed to help you get the job done. Additionally, Delfin offers color-coded filters and accessories that can help your operation stay safe and efficient as you make efforts to prevent damaging events like cross-contamination. Accessories that are necessary for a centralized vacuum system may include overhead cleaning attachments, floor cleaning accessories, flexible hoses and, of course, filters.


Every year, engineers and other innovative thinkers bring more and more transformative practices to the manufacturing process. We know that with every new change comes potential hazards – both to the health of workers and to the efficiency of production. As you seek to adapt your business for safety and compliance, trust that Delfin’s centralized vacuum systems are not restricted to one or two designs; they are constructed with your operation in mind. That is, each of these separate parts may come together to make a whole system that is unique to the specifications of your industry and your plant.

Our custom centralized vacuum system solutions extend to the following industries (and beyond):

✓ Food & beverage
✓ Forestry, paper & textiles
✓ Automotive & aviation
✓ Pharma, nutraceutical & biotech
✓ Chemical processing
✓ Metals & minerals
✓ Technology & engineering

Whatever your sector, Delfin understands the extent of the cleanliness necessary for your business to run smoothly as well as the demands of various industry regulations and safety compliance. When you reach out, ask us about how we can incorporate HEPA filters and vacuums with NRTL certification into your CVS.


Looking to learn more? Let us be your resource. Whether you’re seeking a complete central vacuum system or you’re curious about how our individual industrial vacuum cleaners can help your operation, we’d love for you to get in touch.