Industrial Vacuum Solutions for Forestry, Paper & Textiles

The production of wood, paper and textiles have one thing in common: the production of big waste and residues during processing. And in all these cases, the need to keep the work environment clean is a useful prerogative for a good job performance. Delfin offers different solutions and aims to ensure maximum cleaning during and after processing for all sectors that produce waste and dust very constantly.
✓ Solutions for continuous or temporary use
✓ Direct extraction of waste
✓ High level of collection capacity
✓ Guaranteed safety


Whether it is a cleaning required at the end of work or a constant vacuuming on the production line, Delfin offers several solutions with engines suitable for the type of frequency of use. For more demanding and continuous vacuuming, Delfin offers a wide range of products with powerful turbines that allow a constant suction. If, on the other hand, the need is for an aspiration when the production is finished, Delfin offers a wide choice among the more compact and wheeled single-phase vacuum cleaners, suitable for a shorter but equally efficient use.


Reducing the downtime of production machinery can lead to greater results in a shorter time. Delfin offers a wide range of products with fixed installation directly on the production line or directly from the cutting, milling or sanding machine that produces waste. The direct suction allows removing the residues at the source from which they are produced, occupying a compact space and leaving free the operator to work, without residues or waste that could interrupt his work.


When waste becomes more voluminous, the Delfin DG series becomes the best solution to allow the collection of as much waste as possible, limiting the downtime of the machinery maintenance.


The textile, paper and wood sectors very often produce substances, which in certain environments, can be potentially explosive. The vacuuming of these powders with suitable solutions, such as Delfin vacuums certified by NFPA, guarantee the highest safety for the operator who is in contact with them. Dust is safely collected in suitable containers, such as stainless steel, to avoid any risk of sparking.