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Pro HEPA Vacuums for Professional Cleaning

Delfin’s pro HEPA line includes portable vacuum cleaners designed for efficient professional cleaning services. These vacuums are equipped with individually tested and certified HEPA filters so operators can rest assured that their vacuums efficiently trap very fine particles, even hazardous dust like asbestos or silica dust.

PRO HEPA 10EB- HV102 Backpack

PRO HEPA 10 EB - HV102 is an ergonomic dorsal HEPA Vacuum that guarant...

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PRO HEPA 10BB- HV108 Backpack

PRO HEPA 10BB- HV108 is a battery-operated backpack vacuum with 5-stag...

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PRO HEPA 6EB- HV103 Backpack

PRO HEPA 6EB- HV103 is one of the backpack vacuum cleaner models of th...

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PRO HEPA 6BB- HV100 Backpack

PRO HEPA 6BB- HV100 is a battery-operated vacuum that can be worn comf...

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PRO HEPA 4520P - HV109

In the PRO HEPA Vacuums Line, this is the "pump-out" solution for pick...

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PRO HEPA 20S is the most unique product in applications which require ...

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PRO HEPA 20- HV107

Among HEPA Vacuums, PRO HEPA 20- HV107 is the model with the largest c...

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PRO HEPA 13- HV106

As all models in the PRO HEPA Line that are equipped with an individua...

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PRO HEPA 10- HV105

PRO HEPA 10 - HV105 is a performing dry pick-up model with 2HP commerc...

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Vacuums With HEPA Filters for Efficient Particle Removal

Our pro HEPA vacuums are relatively lightweight and designed for portability. So you can take your HEPA vacuum along for the ride with few transport limitations. While portable and easy to maneuver, these vacuums are also designed to meet a variety of serious suction needs – with water lift measurements reaching over 100. Other features include:

  1. 1. High-quality, synthetic 4-ply disposable bags for interruption-free working
  2. 2. 120V Outlet on 10, 13, & 20-gallon motorheads
  3. 3. Individually tested and certified HEPA filters for the highest collection efficiency, sterility of the environments, and safety compliance

Delfin offers both wet and dry Pro HEPA vacuums as well as several backpack models, some of which are cable-free and operate on easy-to-recharge lithium-ion batteries.

 What Does HEPA Stand for?

“HEPA” is an acronym that stands for high-efficiency particulate air. So if you have a product that includes a HEPA filter, you have a product engineered for the removal of at least 99.97% of dust, mold, bacteria, and pollen – all at a size of 0.3 microns or larger. In the case of industrial vacuum cleaners, operators typically deal with dust. But professional cleaners will see all matters of particles as they perform services.

Delfin offers personalized vacuum orders for a wide range of commercial operations. We manufacture specialty vacuum systems, industrial backpack vacuums, dust collectors, and much more. Use the contact form below to get started.