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Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for a Wide Range of Industries 

Delfin Industrial uniquely provides a full spectrum of equipment and machines engineered for sanitation improvement and worker safety compliance. Our dust collectors and industrial vacuum cleaners are at the heart of our industrial cleaning solutions, and they are supported by an extensive catalog of vacuum accessories and add-ons. 

Delfin’s aim is to help you mitigate the threats of fine dust and loose material in the workplace That includes hazards that come from combustible dust and production clutter  that can prevent optimal working efficiency. 


The DM 3 EL has the advantages and benefits of a DM3, but is more comp...

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The Pharma 40 DC is a compact, silent, and safe dust containment solut...

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DBFV 10 - DBFV 20 - DBFV 30

The DBFV line is a range of powerful industrial vacuum cleaners specif...

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As part of the range of solutions for the Pharmaceutical industry, thi...

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The SEP.DC-001 is a cyclonic pre-separator for the pharmaceutical indu...

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The Pharma 40.40DC is a powerful and safe solution for the containment...

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PHARMA 40.40

The PHARMA 40.40 is a compact and silent system for the extraction at ...

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PTFE Coated Polyester Star Filter

When dealing with sticky and sharp debris like glass fiber dust, a hig...

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PPL filter

The PPL filter is a highly resistant and efficient polypropylene indus...

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Take the Next Step in Industry Efficiency 

Whether you’re looking to add a pneumatic conveyor system to your pharmaceutical operation for cross-contamination prevention or you need a central vacuum system for your warehouse, Delfin has the resources and knowledge necessary to tailor industrial vacuum solutions that meet your needs. Use the form below to connect with us today.