Commercial Backpack Vacuums

August 23, 2021

Looking for a portable industrial vacuum with optimum maneuverability and collection efficiency? You’re in the right place. Whether you need a vacuum for extensive office cleaning or to get to those difficult spaces throughout your manufacturing plant, an industrial backpack vacuum is a more-than-viable option.

At Delfin, we supply a wide range of industrial vacuum cleaners and dust collecting systems – all with unique capabilities to deliver on industry demands, whatever the circumstance. We’re proud to provide these dynamic backpack vacuums as a solution to your upkeep needs.

Fit for Your Industry 

Some industries may demand extensive vacuum work that vacuums intended for residential applications cannot provide, while at the same time they may not need a fully-loaded commercial vacuum cleaner. 

This is where our backpack vacuums come in. These vacuums are versatile and lightweight despite their extensive capabilities, and they’re built to withstand a wide range of materials. Take yours with you to a job site or keep it near a workstation for extra hygienic support. 

Common Features in an Industrial Backpack Vacuum 

While features can vary model-to-model, common elements found in these quality vacuums include the following: 

✓ HEPA filters tested and certified at 99.97% (.3 microns) 

✓ 6-10 quart capacity 

✓ Under 15lbs with battery

✓ Padded harness with handle

✓ Four-stage filtration 

✓ Two rechargeable lithium batteries 

✓ Polyethylene body 

✓ Water lift capabilities of 70-105”

✓ Some models come with two additional HEPA filters for clean-air exhaust

What Are HEPA Filters?

HEPA stands for “high-efficiency particulate air.” Theoretically, HEPA filters have the capability of removing 99.97% of dust, bacteria, mold, and other particles. Due to the level of harmful particles found in production and construction industries, HEPA filters are especially important for combatting dust that puts workers and consumers at risk.   

Our backpack vacuum model PRO HEPA 6EB is officially approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for the removal of lead-based paint particles under the EPA RRP regulations. The 6EB also meets OSHA requirements in its reduction of crystalline silica levels on concrete project sites like construction or restoration. 

Benefits of Industrial Backpack Vacuums

Backpack vacuums come with several distinct benefits. There is, of course, the matter of portability and convenience – that should go without saying. But it operates with that portability and convenience all while delivering serious assistance in hygiene maintenance that non-industrial vacuums can’t deliver. 

Other benefits include:

✓ Lightweight makeup; a polyethylene built body and design built for size optimization 

✓ Maneuverability 

✓ Comfort; a padded harness with a handle allows for free arm movement

✓ Minimal stress on operator’s body 

✓ Minimal charge times for batteries (around three hours) 

✓ Wide variety of cleaning attachments

✓ Wireless operation, ideal for working environments lacking in electrical outlets

Typical Uses for Backpack Vacuums in a Commercial Environment 

These vacuum cleaners may be used both as a support vacuum in a high-demand environment or as the primary source of material collection for your operation. Their suction capabilities make them perfect for a variety of different surfaces, and their maneuverability will help to provide access to spaces you may otherwise be prevented from cleaning with other vacuum cleaners. 

Industrial Backpack Vacuum Accessories

Common accessories for optimal backpack vacuum utilization include:

✓ Flexible hoses

✓ Overhead attachments

✓ Color-coded attachments for cross-contamination prevention

✓ Piping extensions 

✓ Cleaning brushes

Delfin Industrial Vacuums – Vacuum Solutions for Every Industry

Delfin’s vacuum offerings don’t end at backpack vacuums. Whether you need an NRTL-certified vacuum for pharmaceutical operations or a high-powered vacuum with continuous-use capabilities for CNC machine manufacturing, our industrial vacuum cleaners deliver on nearly every industrial level. We also offer centralized vacuum systems optimized for full-facility upkeep and safety compliance.   

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