Maximize your ROI: low to zero-waste 3D printing by recovering and re-using your unsintered powders

August 10, 2023

During the different phases of 3D printing additive manufacturing, many residual powders are released into the working environment, causing different kinds of inefficiencies. These phases are mainly material loading; aggregated and synthesized processes; and post-production. The continuous accumulation of these powders risks causing more downtime and prolongs the time necessary for maintenance operations. Consequently, production efficiency might have repercussions due to time-consuming procedures and increasing costs.

In the 3D printing sector, these are the most common risks, but not the only ones.

Because of the large quantities of residual dust, 3D printing manufacturing also faces cross-contamination risks which could compromise the subsequent printing processes and the quality of the finished products.

Moreover, some kinds of unsintered powders such as sand and plastic powders can be reused in multiple subsequent printing processes. If not properly vacuumed and recovered, these powders represent a considerable waste of resources, resulting in increased costs and further inefficiencies in the production process.

Vacuuming process_dust removal from 3D Printer


Delfin industrial vacuum systems for 3D Printing are the perfect answer to prevent all these inefficiency risks. To maximize your ROI and improve your standard of sustainability in your production areas, Delfin offers different 3D printing dust recovery systems aiming at low to zero waste 3D printing.

All Delfin Industrial’s systems, from industrial dust collectors to inert vacuum cleaners and pneumatic conveyors, are designed to collect the unsintered powders and, accordingly to the specific features of the workplace and 3D printing applications, reintroduce them into the production line.

Delfin works in synergy with the most important international players in 3D printer manufacturing. These partnerships are the key to developing and designing the most suitable integrated solutions for your needs and meeting your expectations of a more efficient and sustainable 3D printing process.

Delfin Industrial Dust Collector for 3D Printing Additive Manufacturing

Contact us to evaluate together the most suitable 3D printing powder recovery system to boost your production line and increase your ROI. In the meantime, download our brochure and catalog on 3D printing to discover more about how to increase your standards of cleaning, safety, and efficiency with Delfin.

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