High Vacuum Systems: Heavy Duty Vacuums for Heavy Industries

In heavy industries like foundries, cement plants, steelworks and power/biomass power plants, ensure and guarantee maximum production efficiency and safety levels while keeping constant speed of production might be a serious challenge.
The most efficient way to guarantee top level performance and reduce downtimes for maintenance activities is to carry out constant and adequate cleaning operations with powerful and efficient tools.
To this extent, Delfin Industrial High Vacuum Systems can really help you to make the difference. In fact, our powerful and versatile vacuuming systems are able to guarantee the maximum efficiency and speed in the recovery and disposal of large quantities of material like cement, stones, abrasive material, industrial sand, hashes or wood chips, while guaranteeing operators’ safety and constant quality.


In heavy industries, during daily production operations, material pours out from machineries and conveyors and then piles up on both production line and surrounding areas, making it mostly hard to reach and increasing significantly the risk of unexpected downtimes.
The removal of this dusty material, even in large quantities, can be easily carried out, if using the correct tools: Delfin Industrial High Vacuum Systems are the best choice to do this job.
In fact, these heavy-duty vacuum cleaners provide several benefits, since they avoid:
✓ unexpected downtimes, which imply high unforeseen costs
✓ the economic loss caused by the leakage of raw or processed products
✓ high costs and waste of time due to machinery maintenance
✓ operators’ health problems caused by the inhalation of dust, which can pose a serious threat to their well-being


The DHV line is the most effective solution to heavy industries' maintenance needs thanks to its features:
✓ high power generated by self-cooling Roots lobe pumps, that guarantee high waterlift and airflow performances
✓ excellent filtration provided by the class M polyester filters (up to 1 micron) and safety cartridges that protect the vacuum unit
✓ filters high efficiency given by the automatic filter cleaning system that cleans filters non-stop
✓ large collection capacity performed by detachable containers that are easy to handle by means of a forklift and to discharge by virtue of safety bars.
All products in the DHV line have been specifically designed to be autonomous, long-lasting and to always guarantee better quality and high performance in time, since heavy and continuous duty is what they can handle best.


Delfin Industrial High Vacuums can be used in a Centralized Vacuum System for the easy and safe handling of large quantities of material even over long distances and from different points of the same plant.
The possibility to convey material with a piping system from all areas of the same plant into a single collection point guarantees the highest cleanliness and hygiene of the working environment while reducing injury risks and improving safety for all workers. Moreover, a centralized vacuum system with heavy duty solutions allows to reduce space in a production plant, which usually is already limited, and to optimize the management of the collected material.
Since all plants are different and with specific needs, Delfin Industrial can provide customized solutions thanks to a dedicated and highly qualified R&D department able to guarantee the highest production efficiency to each customer.