PRO HEPA LINE for Professional Cleaning


PRO HEPA 20S is the most unique product in applications which require a large recovery capacity tank (20-gallons) like restoration projects or general floor maintenance. In fact, this is the only model with a front mounted 29-inch squeegee assembly with foot pedal for quick, one-pass recovery of liquids from floor. The HEPA filter is installed on the squeegee with the goal of trapping and containing dangerous particles before they reach the operator. A reliable liquid shut-off allows the worker to vacuum liquids uninterrupted until the tank is full and without risking damage to the HEPA filter.

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Tech Data Sheet

Technical Data PRO HEPA 20S
Voltage V - Hz 115 - 60 1~
Power HP 2
Max Water Lift inH20 105
Max Airflow CFM 110
Collection type Cloth dust bag & frame, mesh wet filter
Capacity gal 20
Power cord ft 50
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