Absolute filter H14 HEPA (secondary filter)

H14 HEPA filter, or absolute filter, is the most used secondary filter in all those applications that require an extra level of security. In fact, its efficiency levels are the highest : 99,995% down to 0,18 Micron. That's why it is the perfect solution for all those applications that deal with very fine and hazardous dust. Industries like food & pharma need to guarantee the highest safety levels and prevent cross-contamination. The HEPA filter can capture even the smallest dust particles, thus insuring the purity of air reinserted into the environment and motor's performance.

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Certified safety

HEPA filter : the top choice for certified industrial vacuums

  • doneCan capture even the smallest dust particles
  • doneCan deal with very fine and hazardous dust
  • doneOptional H14 HEPA Filter for Class II, Div 2 Systems
  • doneSecondary H14 HEPA Filter as standard for classes I & II, Div 1 Systems
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