How to choose a hose for your industrial vacuum cleaner?

The choice of the hose is essential to allow easy and proper use of the vacuum cleaner in your industry. Depending on the nature of the material to be vacuumed, the distance to be covered and the flexibility necessary to reach it, it is necessary to choose the most suitable tool for the job. Delfin offers a wide range of vacuum hoses, characterized by different technical features, materials, and flexibility, to satisfy every cleaning need.

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Available Products

  • doneCorrugated hose for general cleaning tasks
  • doneAntistatic corrugated hose for vacuuming of conductive materials
  • doneFood grade certified hose with PVC spiral an copper wire for vacuuming of conductive materials
  • doneReinforced flexible hose for vacuuming of liquids and abrasive materials
  • doneOil proof hose
  • doneAutoclavable hose for clean room environments
  • doneHeat resistant hose for very hot material
  • doneSteel flexible hose with welded connections for very hot and abrasive materials
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