The filter is a critical part of the industrial vacuum cleaner, as it provides the necessary protection to the turbine to work without being damaged by the vacuumed material. The material composition of the filter and the filter surface are adapted to the needs of product being cleaned, offering the highest quality and efficiency of filtration. Delfin provides filters with high and very high efficiency for the safe cleaning of each type of liquid and solid.

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Filtration Types

  • doneClass M Pocket filters - Ideal for fine dust up to 1 micron
  • doneHepa filters - Cartridge with high filtration efficiency 99.995% at 0.18 microns
  • doneNomex filters - Heat resistant filter
  • doneAntistatic filters - Ideal for avoiding static electricity transmission
  • donePTFE filters - Coated filter ideal for sticky powders
  • doneActivated carbon filters - Ideal for bad odor retention
  • doneOWR filter - Water-repellent filter to protect the engine
  • donePPL filter - Ideal for 300 or 100 micron oil filtration needs
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