Primary filter for Metalworking

The PPL filter is a highly resistant and efficient polypropylene industrial vacuum filter, mainly suitable for the metalworking industry. In fact, its filtration efficiency, which is 100 down to 300 micron, allows to collect metal fines while separating them from the liquids. The filter is installed inside the chip collection basket. Its mash allows the smooth passage of the oils, lubricants and emulsions, which then follow in the collection unit, without melting with the metal chips and swarfs.
The filter is highly resistant, so it can be used even with sharp debris and it can be easily emptied from the grid basket.

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Dispose of the metal chips

  • doneRoll-out the container from the vacuum
  • doneRemove the collection basket and the mechanical floating level sensor
  • doneGet rid of the metal chips and swarfs from the filter
  • donePut the basket back in place
  • doneRoll-in the container
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